A Frozen Flower (Ssanghwa Store / Korea 2008)

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      A Frozen Flower (Ssanghwa Store / Korea 2008)

      A Frozen Flower

      Der neue Film von Regisseur Yoo Ha (Once Upon A Time In Highschool, A Dirty Carnival) startet am 30. Dezember in den koreanischen Kinos. In diesem Historienfilm wird erstmals das Thema Homosexualität aufgegriffen.
      In den Hauptrollen spielen u.a. Joo Jin-mo (A Love), Jo In-sung (A Dirty Carnival) und Song Ji-hyo (Some).

      Splendid hat sich bereits die Deutschlandrechte gesichert.

      Yoo to deliver "A Frozen Flower"
      Written by Han Sunhee
      Korean helmer Yoo Ha who last made kinetic gangster pic "A Dirty Carnival", has put together a top notch package for big budget historic drama "A Frozen Flower." Pic will be the first from a new indie shingle confusingly called Universal Pictures.

      "Flower" is an adaptation of a true story from the Koryo dynasty about a king (Joo Jin-mo) who falls in love with his bodyguard, played by "Carnival" star Jo In-sung. Yoo has not yet cast the role of the angry queen.

      With a budget set at $10 million, pic will be produced by Lee Tae Hun ("Sympathy for Lady Vengeance") of Opus Picutres.

      Lee recently launched Universal Pictures as a joint venture with two other producers, Zip Cinema's Lee Yu-jin ("The Voice of a Murderer") and Bokyungsa's Sim Bo-kyung("Bloody Tie").
      "We're still planning to make films from our own production companies, because it's a bit dangerous to merge the three companies. But it's reasonable for us to co-manage the investment and distribution deals through Universal Pictures," Lee said. "A Frozen Flower will be the first film of our new company model."


      Trailer -> youtube.com/watch?v=EZwuDnuKsaM

      Poster und Trailer sehen klasse aus. Die Story wird aufgrund des heiklen Themas sicherlich sehr spannend und interessant und optisch siehts sowieso mal wieder famos aus. Ich freue mich schon!