Conan the Barbarian SPECIAL NEU KOMPONIERT !

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      Conan the Barbarian SPECIAL NEU KOMPONIERT !


      Conan The Barbarian (exp.) (1982) / Conan The Destroyer (1984), Basil Poledouris (2-CD), Doppel-CD mit 32 Tracks und 122 Minuten Laufzeit - Infos vom Label: "World premiere recording of the complete score on a 2-CD set, totaling more than 2 hours of music. Performed by 97 musicians of the Prague Symphony, plus a big choir ! You might wonder why we felt it necessary to do a re-recording. Although bootlegs exist, the sound of the extra tracks is poor, sometimes including dialogue taken directly from the film. As written by James Fitzpatrick in the 24-page booklet, "Basil Poledouris had never been overly happy with both the performance and recording of the original score in Rome. He had always been disappointed that the Rome orchestra on the soundtrack wasn't able to provide every desired instrument. We were able to correct this for the new recording, using this time the orchestra as specified in Basil's scoring: this featured 97 musicians and the 100-voice City of Prague Philharmonic Chorus." This newly recorded score, conducted by Nick Raine and produced by James Fitzpatrick, can now be enjoyed for the very first time, complete, the way it was intended, in superb sound" - Quelle: soundtrack-club



      * Neukomponiert
      * Audio CD (3. November 2010)
      * Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
      * Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 2
      * Format: Import
      * Label: Prometheus
      * Spieldauer: 122 Minuten

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      Conan CD

      "Was wird dir diese Welt bedeuten ohne mich..."

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